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Product Overview

MapconKiss is a tool for developers of Business Information Server (MAPPER) applications that require a Graphical User Interface. MapconKiss runs on all Business Information Server platforms with Graphical Interface (MPC) as the workstation interface. It provides simple point and click facilities for developing the GUI interface. In addition, MapconKiss builds complete runs, based on the Event Driven techniques, which are recognized as essential for the development of Windows based applications.

Who can benefit from MapconKiss?

If you have tried developing applications with graphical user interface, you know that even with the powerful capabilities offered by MAPPER, it can be time consuming, complex and difficult. MapconKiss makes the whole process fast, simple and easy.

What does it do?

A tool bar provides easy access for painting all Windows objects supported on a form. This includes facilities for associating logic for each clickable form object.

All controls and handling of the interface to the application logic, such as input/output to and from objects on forms, are built automatically by the system. When using MapconKiss for copying objects on a form or between forms, all the associated run logic will also be copied to the new objects.

MapconKiss replicates the look and feel of Microsoft Windows applications, and provides a wide range of capabilities (see Key Features).


Developing Windows applications requires a different approach to character based development. MapconKiss understands the Event Driven approach to developing Windows applications, providing a fast start to Business Information Server GUI based programming that extends existing skills. Developers are not required to learn and follow a specific methodology.

The overall structure of these runs is generated by MapconKiss, which makes subsequent maintenance very simple, as individual modules are easily recognizable. Straightforward run code is generated. Reduced cost, higher productivity and improved quality are benefits immediately measurable.

MapconKiss keeps GUI based application development simple.