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Key Features

MapconKiss provides features that allow rapid and simple development of a GUI. It is based on the What You See Is What You Get principle.

  • Painting (positioning and sizing) GUI objects on the form.
  • Customising objects by editing object properties
  • Automatic building of the dialog between the user and the MAPPER run.
  • Simple menu building.
  • Grid controls to enable alignment of objects.
  • Provision of repository for storage of object specifications and associated runs.
  • Creation of a library of objects and associated logic to facilitate re-use.
  • Association of logic to events on objects
  • An object and its associated logic is kept together as an entity when copying and pasting.
  • Objects can be grouped to form complex or compound objects.
  • Specification of default object styles.
  • Creation of an event driven run structure for the development of MAPPER runs.
  • Tool bar, function bar, color bar and fonts window to facilitate easy point and click development.
  • Object editing facilities including: - Undo/Redo, Copy, Move, Re-size, Delete, Hide and Show.
  • Templates for re-usability of common form layouts including standard objects across forms within a project.
  • Cut, copy and paste of objects and groups of objects within a form and across forms.
  • Extensive online help.